You are the world famous superhero Captain Chaos. When your archenemy, Inspector Tic, is imprisoned in the mirror dimension, you agree to stand by his side despite the old enmity. After all, it's very boring without enemies. Can you free him and finally get your nemesis back?

You control Captain Chaos on the left side with the arrow keys or the WASD keys. Every movement is mirrored by Inspector Tic on the right side.

Your goal: get Inspector Tic to the target three times in a row to free him from the inhospitable mirror dimension.

This is our entry for the Brackeys Game Jam 2021.2 with the theme "Let there be chaos":

  • Concept: Bischoff & Kessler
  • Graphics: Kessler
  • Programming: Bischoff
  • Sound: Bischoff & Kessler
  • Music: Bischoff


Captain Chaos vs Inspector Tic - Windows 74 MB
Captain Chaos vs Inspector Tic - MacOS 84 MB

Install instructions

  • Windows/MacOS versions: just unzip and play
  • Web version: click "Run game" above
    (playing in fullscreen mode is recommended)


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It's fun to play! I like the visuals, retro futuristic style really stands out. It's challenging enough and doesn't punish you too hard for mistakes, quite well-polished.


Thank you :-)