A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You control a submarine that travels through the ocean to collect garbage. You need garbage to refuel energy for travelling and shooting. Dodge obstacles and defend your submarine against attacking fish.

When your energy level reaches zero, it's game over.

Reach the magic shell to win!

This game supports only keyboard controls.
Arrow keys to move, space to shoot, escape to pause.


Aqua Avenger.zip 72 MB
Aqua Avenger.app.zip 81 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip and start, that's it!


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I only get "The application “Aqua Avenger.app” can’t be opened." after downloading and unzipping the file.
(on macOS Ventura – 13.3.1)

Works for me on Ventura. I will try to find out what the reason could be.

Alright, I found the reason and uploaded a new version that should work. Thanks again for reporting this issue!

It does. Thanks for the update.
Excellent short game, BTW!

Thank you 😊